Prof. Dr. Jens Tübke

Prof. Tübke's department "Applied Electrochemistry" at the Fraunhofer ICT has covered a wide range of topics, ranging from basic investigations and material developments to system behaviour, for over 25 years. The current research fields include, for example, the development and optimisation of various energy storage devices and converters for stationary, transportable and mobile applications, such as fuel cells, electrochemical syntheses (power-to-X), lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, lithium-sulphur batteries, lithium-oxygen batteries, as well as vanadium redox flow batteries, vanadium-air redox flow batteries, hydrogen-bromine redox flow batteries, zinc-bromine redox flow batteries and organic redox flow batteries. This includes the development and investigation of the behaviour of catalysts for fuel cells and electrolysers, production and development of catalyst-coated membranes and membrane electrode assemblies, thermoplastic electrode materials, electrolytes for redox flow batteries, new active materials, modelling and simulation of thermal, electrochemical, electrical and economical behaviour of cells, cell stacks and systems, thermal designs, cell and cell stack developments, system developments and analyses, as well as safety tests.